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Kona 29er King Kahuna prototype

29 Mar

Back in January we bought you news of a Kona 29er carbon frame that they posted teaser shots of on their website.

Here’s an initial report from our Kona USA sales manager and all around hammerhead, Kevin Noble:

“Seven more hours on the carbon Kahuna this weekend with great trail conditions. I love our Scandium hardtails but I have to say the ride of this bike is incredible. I’m really not sure how to describe it but I would say compliant without being flexy and snappy when accelerating out of the corners. To put it simply the carbon bike rides like a Kona but way lighter. The bike is plenty stiff in the rear end without being harsh. The geometry is spot on.”

This is from Dale Plant, one of the fastest riders in the company:
“I want to call it the Ali because it floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee (sorry, it just kept coming to mind). Laser Guided Missle was constantly coming up as well. The bike feels incredibly fast (FAST Pat would approve…hmmm, only one letter away from FAT)…anyway, stiff as hell, responsive, accurate, and sexy all in one. This thing is going to kick serious ass when unleashed on race courses.”

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Kona bringing out a 29er carbon frame?

27 Jan

Kona have put this teaser photo up on their website. Looks really nice!!

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